Memory Activities

Memory activities are a great way to ensure the brain stays fit and healthy. As we age, we experience natural changes to the way our brains function. A decline in cognitive abilities affects both our short and long-term memory. It is not just those with dementia or Alzheimer’s who suffer. Even the healthiest seniors can notice problems with thinking, memory, language and concentration.

At Fairview Adult Day Care Center in Brooklyn, we offer our members a range of fun and stimulating activities. All of which help to keep minds stimulated, active, and healthy.

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    Keeping our brains active

    The brain is a muscle and needs exercise just like any other muscle. It needs to be used regularly to help prevent memory loss. Engaging in memory activities provides a challenge for your mind. Doing puzzles, crosswords, and Sudoku flexes our minds and requires us to think in different ways.

    As we get older, we sometimes lose touch with our friends or our social circles reduce in size. At Fairview, we like to consider our facility as a place of entertainment. You will get to meet like-minded individuals to play games with, take classes with and to socialize with.

    Memory activities at our day care facility in Brooklyn

    Concentration and memory activities

    Any activity that requires concentration and focus will help to exercise the brain. As well as doing puzzles, card games are a great way to delay the onset of memory loss. It doesn’t matter what you play. Whether it is a game of solitaire or playing rummy with other people, it’s the taking part that counts.

    We keep a wide variety of board games in our facility. These are always available and are provided for people to play together. Our friendly and interactive nurses will also get involved. Above and beyond the games and puzzles, we host regular trivia and bingo contests and everyone is encouraged to participate in.

    Arts and crafts are another great way to stimulate the mind. Taking up a new hobby allows the brain to keep on learning. Here at Fairview we run skill-development classes where our adults and seniors can try silk ribbon embroidery, bead art, or knitting.

    Whatever memory activities you wish to do, our staff is always on hand to provide any help and assistance needed.

    Avoid sitting for hours

    An active body will help to stimulate the mind too. Studies show that physical exercise helps to improve memory and slow down the development rate of cognitive impairment. At Fairview, we offer a range of exercise classes for our members to take part in. Yoga is a great way to keep relax, stretch, and enjoy some non-strenuous physical activity.

    Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing yoga for years, all levels are welcome. Our regular aerobics class is available for those who prefer a more active work out. There are also dance classes where people can move to the music however they wish.

    At Fairview Adult Day Care Center in Brooklyn, we believe the more the brain is exercised, the better it will function. Our range of memory activities are designed to keep the mind active and healthy.