Я очень люблю приходить сюда день за днем. Здесь я чувствую себя счастливой и постоянно пребываю в хорошем настроении. Я живу на Брайтон Бич, где находится много центров дневного пребывания для пожилых людей, но ни… Read more “Дженни Давудзаде”

adult day care brooklyn new york senior patient
Дженни Давудзаде

Я приезжаю в Fairview уже 18 лет! Этот центр я нашла «с первой попытки» и остановилась на нем как на своем самом прекрасном выборе. Я здесь почти четверть жизни! За это время влюбилась и в… Read more “Адалия Лащевер”

adult day care brooklyn new york patient

After I had a stroke we looked at many places. I am very happy that I found this center. When I just came here, I saw people with problems similar to mine and I wondered… Read more “Liao Showling”

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Liao Showling

I had a head injury. The staff here have greatly helped me in recovering my memory and cognitive skills. I am beginning to remember things much better than I was able to earlier. In the… Read more “Karl Thomas Wallace”

Karl Thomas Wallace

I am 86 years old and have been coming to the ADC for nine years. I enjoy the activities at this ADC. I have never tried any other adult day centers, but I really like… Read more “MOISEY AZOV”

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After I lost my husband I started coming here. I come five hours per day, four days a week. I’ve found sympathy, understanding and love here. Galochka talked to me when I came here and… Read more “Elizaveta Plotkina”

Elizaveta Plotkina testimonial adult day care brooklyn new york
Elizaveta Plotkina

I’ve been coming to the Fairview Adult Day Care Center for 18 years! This was my first and will be my last ADC. I’ve spent quarter of my life here. I love the staff and… Read more “Adalia Lashchever”

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Adalia Lashchever