Karl Thomas Wallace

I had a head injury. The staff here have greatly helped me in recovering my memory and cognitive skills. I am beginning to remember things much better than I was able to earlier.

In the beginning I couldn’t figure out where I was, I didn’t remember much of anything. They helped me get back my communicative skills and thought processing ability. I really enjoy the program here. They do a lot of things to help me recover my memory and redevelop my organizational skills, but a lot of work still needs to be done in my memory.

I enjoy the entertainment and music here. We play a lot of games which help my memory and cognitive skills. I especially like playing Hangman because it’s a lot of fun.

I like to do open reading because it helps me a lot, giving me the confidence to speak out in the groups and socialize with the people. If I compare myself when I started here and what I am like now, I am like a different person.

Doing physical workouts on treadmills is an incentive for me to get up in the morning and come here. My wife says it’s like going to work and she is very supportive.

I come five days a week now. The staff here are excellent and very caring.

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