Speech Problems In The Elderly: When To Get Assistance

While mild speech problems may be associated with the aging process, these should not be dismissed as trivial. Problems enunciating words may be linked to a more severe, underlying disorder, so be sure to seek medical advice. Elderly people are more likely to have medical conditions that can lead to problems with speech or the voice.

Fairview Adult Day Care Center in Brooklyn NY offers speech therapy to people with a range of neurological conditions. Our trained speech therapists promote a positive and encouraging atmosphere to help clients re-learn and/or enhance their communication skills.

For those with speech problems, voice exercises and audio-visual aids assist in the development of improved speech habits. Check out our clients’ frequently asked questions:

elderly old woman suffering from speech problems

Why Do I Suddenly Have Trouble Speaking?

Extreme fatigue, anxiety or stress can cause speech problems. Also, painful migraines can partially incapacitate you, cause dizziness, numbness, or confusion, and restrict your ability to talk.

However, there are more serious health conditions that cause speech disorders. People who have had a stroke often have slurred speech or are unable to talk at all. Multiple sclerosis and brain cancer are further possible causes of communication problems.

Will Therapy For Speech Problems Help Me?

Speech therapy, if conducted in a convivial and encouraging setting, can improve communication and enhance independence. It’s a step-by-step process and requires perseverance but shows positive results over time.

What Does Speech Therapy Involve?

Restoring the ability to articulate and comprehend verbal and/or written language is the goal of speech therapy. Therapists assess and test language and problem-solving skills and deploy techniques to improve functional communication skills for daily living.

Activities to improve memory and attention spans can go a long way in addressing speech problems. Carefully devised exercises elicit responses and behavioral expressions such as feelings, wants, preferences, and needs.

What Diseases Cause Speech Problems?

The ability to speak requires sound to be produced in the voice box, and words to be formed in the mouth – articulation. But it’s the brain that processes thoughts and controls these two functions. Brain diseases that cause speech problems include traumatic brain injury, stroke, degenerative disease, tumor, anoxia, and other neurological injuries.

Aphasia is the loss of ability to express or understand speech, whereas dysarthria is problematic speech articulation. Apraxia of speech is when you have difficulty using muscles to form words due to brain damage.

Fairview Adult Day Care Center in Brooklyn NY has lots of experience working with people of all ages who have speech impediments. Our facility provides group treatment and individualized sessions that focus on restoring communication deficits.

People with communication difficulties stemming from traumatic brain injury are divided into dysarthria or aphasia speech therapy groups. If you or your loved ones have speech problems, Fairview has the skilled staff who can help. We also offer recreation therapy, nursing care, healthy meals and snacks.

Do contact us if you or your loved one would like to know more about our adult day care services and therapies. We are here to answer any questions and concerns you may have.