What Worsens Dementia: Steps That Can Slow Early Signs

Did you know that people with early onset dementia can still do something about it? Tackling dementia while it is still in the early stages can slow down the onset of this debilitating disease. Being positive and proactive and getting professional medical advice early on, can make a huge difference. What worsens dementia is failing to heed its early signs and take it seriously.

Anxiety, stress and thyroid problems can aggravate neurological diseases, including early stage dementia, so anything you can do to feel more relaxed is beneficial. Infection can also aggravate dementia. Seek medical advise if you think you have signs of dementia.

Fairview Adult Day Cere Center in Brooklyn NY has an interesting, varied, and fun recreation program. We pride ourselves on the occupational and other rehabilitation therapies we offer, as well as the stress-busting activities we organize. These efforts encourage a positive, can-do atmosphere, where people engage with each other. Our superb staff provide emotional support and do everything in their power to stop early stage dementia from worsening.

Elderly women getting recreation therapy to prevent worsening of dementia

Try changing your lifestyle, doing more of the things you enjoy doing, and getting more in tune with your body. Let’s take a look at some things that affect the development of dementia and what you can do about it.

Can Dementia Get Worse Suddenly?

Generally speaking, dementia progresses slowly, and many sufferers remain relatively independent for many years. Alzheimer’s is a very common form of dementia and people often live with moderate symptoms for a long time. Often dementia worsens as a result of an infection and treating the infection reverses the symptoms quickly.

On rare occasions something called “rapidly progressive dementia” occurs. This can lead to a severe deterioration in a person’s condition in just a few weeks or months. At each stage of the disease, it is important to see a doctor, and any care plans can then be adjusted.

What can speed up dementia?

Stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness can worsen dementia and speed up its symptoms. Worrying and constantly turning over the same thoughts in your mind can lead to a downward spiral of negativity. This worsens dementia, can be challenging to overcome, and requires professional help, possibly including psychotherapy.

A sedentary lifestyle, with nothing much to do, can also accelerate memory loss and dementia. This in turn can affect mobility, independence, and the ability to perform tasks of daily living. Not socializing, not getting outside for a walk, not having fun – all these things risk speeding up dementia.

How can I slow it down?

Relaxing and having fun as well as being physical active and eating healthy are very beneficial. Physical therapy that gets your heart and lungs working, and helps you keep mobile, also has mental health benefits. Breathing and stretching exercises, such as in yoga, can complement aerobic exercises and help you relax your whole body.

Swimming, dancing, or doing other enjoyable activities also prevent dementia from worsening. A more unconventional therapy is pet therapy. This is a great stress-busting activity where dementia sufferers get to stroke and play with pets.

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