March 2018

Развлечения на Русском Языке для Пожилых Людей

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Развлечения на Русском Языке для Пожилых Людей Какие развлекательные программы можно предложить пожилым людям,  которые по разным причинам, в этот период своей жизни оказались вдали от родины? Люди преклонного возраста часто сужают круг [...]

July 2017

June 2017

Why Seniors Need to Make More Time for Socialization in their Schedules

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Ever wondered what is that one thing that could do wonders for your beloved senior? It is socialization. Man by nature cannot exist in isolation. The need to associate with people and mingle around [...]

May 2017

Social Interaction Programs for Russian-Speaking Seniors

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Fairview Adult Day Care in Brooklyn is a place which truly understands the benefits seniors can enjoy via socialization. Thus, the social interaction programs offered here have been carefully designed keeping in mind the [...]