The Power of Positive Thinking For Seniors

Aging can be difficult, both for the one who’s aging and for those who love them. Though there can be great stressors that accompany aging — including loss of friends, family, and self-sufficiency — it’s important to remain positive. Positive thinking can improve quality of life, lead to less illness, and allow for quicker and better healing.

There are many ways to dispel negative attitudes and embrace positivity. One of the easiest places to start is by getting your senior involved in a peer group. We live in a busy world and lead busy lives. Between work and other obligations, it can be difficult to fulfill these social needs.

There should be plenty of social interaction and opportunity for your loved one. Filling their social needs can lead to happiness and have them looking forward to the future. Finding a peer group they enjoy being spending time with increases their feeling of value and self-worth. It also prevents loneliness and sadness from settling in.

Happy senior people with positive thinking having chat

How to encourage positive thinking

Providing the proper environment for your loved one can be the first step in encouraging positive thinking. It certainly isn’t the only step, though. Here are some other things you can do at home to improve your loved one’s mindset.

Focus on the good

Allowing your loved one to concentrate only on the negatives will only lead to depression. Instead, try to redirect them to focus on the good they have in their life. Are they able to pursue a favorite hobby or do they get to see their family often? They likely have some incredible things in their life already — a gentle reminder can set them back on track.

Be appreciative

Help your loved one by identifying those things they have and should be grateful for. A beloved pet, a comfortable home, or fun past time are all worth appreciating. Choosing to hone in on those little things that create a wonderful life can help change perspective, encourage positive thinking, and even lead to a longer life.

Keep like-minded people close

No amount of positivity will counteract a negative environment. To ensure your loved one is getting the most out of their positive thinking, those around them should be positive too. You want friends and caregivers with an upbeat, glass-half-full attitude who always have a smile to offer and an ear to lend.

Positive people live longer and happier lives

Becoming bogged down in the negative parts of life isn’t a healthy way to live. Science has proven that those who are positive live longer lives and feel more fulfilled. An adult-focused care facility can be a great way to give your loved one the environment and social interaction they need and deserve.

At Fairview Adult Day Care Center in Brooklyn, we strive to create a warm and happy environment that will allow your loved one to flourish. A fantastic, capable staff is ready and willing to help your senior enjoy life. Recreation and fun activities, rehab, and nursing care are all available as needed.

Get in touch today to set up an appointment and see what positive thinking can do for your loved one.