Live Music Can Impact Mental Health: See How

Live music is not only pleasurable entertainment, it is also actually great for mental health. For this reason, music is usually included in the recreation therapy programs of nursing homes, day care centers and other healthcare places. People of all ages, who may be feeling low or depressed, can benefit enormously by listening to music.

Research shows that listening to live music in the company of others makes you feel better and is good for your health. Events where musicians show off their skills are fun, help you relax, and can lift the spirits.

Music with a great beat and melody can stir the emotions, and trigger thoughts of the good times. A live musical event is, therefore, highly beneficial to your mental health and helps relieve anxiety and stress. Let’s see how music can help you recover mentally.

Artist performing live music at Fairview Adult Day Care Center

Music Soothes Depression

Happy, uplifting tunes played by a live band or musician is a huge boon for those with depression. Live music transports you from the here and now to another place. Here you can forget about your worries and woes and focus on the music and musicians themselves. It is also the best solution to slow aging. You can also pick up on, and benefit from, the palpable enjoyment of those around you.

If you are feeling low, a happy tune can truly lift you out of gloomy thoughts. Many care homes and rehab centers understand this and put on a variety of musical events to entertain their clients. There is nothing better than live music to dispel depression and bring a smile to your face.

A Feeling Of Health, Happiness and Wellbeing

It is never the same as listening to recorded music. It’s much more immediate and allows you and the musicians to communicate with each other in some way. That may be through singing along to an old favorite, swaying in time to the music, or even dancing.

Many people in care homes or undergoing rehab appreciate a live music event. It gives them something to look forward to and talk about with friends and family. Live music engenders a sense of happiness and well-being—something you can share with others around you. And things that make you feel good within yourself have mental, and even physical, health benefits.

Fairview’s Daily Live Music Therapy

Fairview Adult Day Care Center in Brooklyn, NY, has a beautiful recreation hall where we put on live music and entertainment. Our clients – both elderly and young – really enjoy the performances we put on every day and often make requests for certain songs. They get to know our regular musicians but also appreciate the variety we build into our schedule.

Singers and other entertainers communicate with their captive audience and a good time is had by all. Fairview’s daily live music sessions are a real hit with staff and clients alike and bring smiles all round. Contact us today if you would like to find out more about our services.