Dance Therapy Miracle: Stop Medicating, Start Dancing

While medication help to relieve stress and anxiety, it’s not a miracle cure. What many people don’t realize is that dance therapy often works just as well – and without any side effects. Dancing is not only physical fitness, it is also mental clarity and emotional stability.

So, if you are feeling low and want to lift your mood in the company of others, try dancing! Dancing implies music, which is always great for lifting the spirits. It also requires smooth movements, balance, timing, and practice. It is a testing form of physical exercise and, besides, is much more fun.

Although there are many more advantages of dancing, we have chosen some of the main ones. Check out these long-term beneficial effects of dancing.

two happy womens dancing dance therapy session

Mental Benefits Of Dance Therapy

Therapeutic dance movement boosts your mood and keeps you young at heart. It’s a bit like tai chi in that it requires coordination, balance, and focus on your posture. Each movement is a deliberate and a calculated part of the whole dance routine.

When you pay close attention to your every movement, you don’t have time to think about your worries. This makes dancing akin to breathing exercises in yoga – your mind is focused solely on the task in hand. Thus, the mental benefits of learning to dance and practicing dancing regularly are considerable.

Boost memory

Therapeutic dance movements also require you to memorize where to place your feet, or when to step back or forward. Every movement of the torso, head, or arms needs to be memorized, which keeps the brain agile. And that, in turn, is great news for your memory and cognitive skills.

Reduce stress

The combination of movement, music and social engagement works wonders for your stress levels. While dancing, just like listening to live music, you can switch off mentally, forget your worries, and allow yourself to be literally transported into another world.

Physical Benefits Of Therapeutic Dance Movement

You may think that dancing is not a very physical thing, but in actual fact it requires strong muscles and control. To hold a position without moving, if only for a few seconds, requires skill, practice, and physical strength.

You’ll be surprised how much therapeutic dance movement can build up your strength and stamina. Dancing not only brings a smile to your face, it’s a fun activity that is sure to keep you fit.

Increase flexibility

To dance well and in time to the music makes you more flexible and supple. Bending, twisting, twirling and turning require coordination, stamina and flexibility, and keep you in good shape.

Better balance

Another reason why dance movements are therapeutic is that they greatly improve your balance. This can, therefore, be a highly beneficial form of exercise for elderly people more prone to a fall.

Fairview Adult Day Care Center in Brooklyn NY fully understands the great value of dance therapy for the happiness, health, and well-being of clients, including of members of our elderly Russian program. Dancing is also the way we express ourselves and help us get in shape.