Senior Care Choices: In-home or Adult Day Care?

Senior care choices adult daycare daycare senior entertainment brooklyn New York CityUnderstanding senior care choices are important in making decisions as to how to organize your senior loved one’s life. Old age brings with it certain challenges that can make life a little difficult.

From health concerns to feelings of loneliness, many seniors may require extra assistance to go about their daily lives.

Living with a senior whilst having an immensely busy schedule of your own may prevent you from taking care of them in a manner which they deserve. With a full-time job, tons of chores to do, errands to run and other family members to look after, it can be difficult to manage your time.

If you find yourself in a similar situation where you are unable to take care of your senior, you have two available senior care choices to choose from.

 Senior care choices at your disposal

1: Hire a Home Attendant

Hiring a home attendant to help you with taking care of your senior is one option you can consider. They can help you do housework; do your laundry, grocery shopping, can even cook food and serve it and other related tasks.

They can also provide assistance to the senior in terms of cleaning and grooming them. The fact that they can take care of all these things for you, this will buy you more time to focus a little on your life, too.

The downside of hiring a home attendant for helping you take care of your senior is that when compared to an adult day care service provider, their functions seem very limited in comparison.

This brings us to your second option:

2: Adult Day Care

A good adult day care center like the Fairview Adult Day Care Center, in Brooklyn, New York is a better option for providing support and care for seniors. There are several reasons to this; the first and foremost reason is that from the environment to the actual people working there, everything is super professional.


The physical, occupational, speech and other therapies provided by the ADC are also much more effective in relieving pain and improving the mobility of a senior’s. In fact, seniors who do attend regular physical therapy sessions at Fairview ADC never have to go to nursing homes later because they have most of their health concerns sorted out here, only!

Structure and order

Another great advantage that adult day care centers have over home assistants is the structure and order they follow in whatever they do. From selecting fun activities to providing structured meals on a daily basis, everything follows a specified order.

Social interaction

The fact that Fairview Adult Day Care is a favorite socializing spot for other seniors too, acts as another advantage. Your senior at home may find it difficult to relate to people at home because there just aren’t that many peers available. However, at the adult day care center, where other seniors also come on the regular for various fun activities your senior can have a better chance at having a more fulfilled, purposeful social life.

This social interaction is extremely important as it takes down the feelings of loneliness. For any further mental or behavioral concerns the seniors may have, adult day care centers like Fairview ADC in Brooklyn even provide counseling services.

As you can tell, the assistance and support provided by an adult day care is better, more wholesome in a way, than the one provided by a home assistant. Undoubtedly, if there is a senior care choice you should go for, it is the adult day care option.