Brain Injury Treatment – Regain Lost Skills

Brain injuries are quite unlike injuries to the other part of the body. Just like no two people are alike, brain injuries also tend to be different in each person. Whatever the cause, brain injury treatment can be quite an extensive process.

For some people, a brain injury could mean the start of a lifelong disease, while for the few lucky ones, brain injury treatments can work. But that only depends on the severity of the injury.

Sports & Work Injuries

When people are injured at work or while playing sports, these injuries may have serious repercussions. Since brain injuries are the leading cause of death in sports-related accidents, they require special attention. Clients might need ongoing medical treatment for TBI treatment. Or those with mild injuries are kept under observation in case something goes wrong.

Brain injuries may result in loss of functionality. In some cases, people lose the ability to carry out basic functions such as talking, eating and walking. That’s where therapists and specialists come in to help them regain their motor skills.

Our team of professional therapists work hard to review the case and prescribe the treatments required. The whole team works on the treatment plan; from the staff nurses to the therapists.

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Therapies offered are as follows;

The Recovery Process

During the recovery process, clients are observed continuously. Even as the brain injury treatment is going on, the clients know about their condition and what to expect in the future.

Through better communication and fun, the team successfully helps clients get rid of depression. It’s only because of coordination that exists among the team at Fairview ADC. Using holistic treatment for brain injury, the team is able to gradually improve clients’ health.