3 Ways Kindness Promotes Healing and Speedy Recovery

Did you notice that kinder people tend to live longer even if they are obese? Kindness contributes to emotional stability by encouraging laughter, reducing stress, avoiding grudges and negativity. In fact, data shows that kindness can have a healing effect.

Kindness fosters positive interpersonal relationships which help to reduce stressors like loneliness, depression, and anxiety while increasing happiness and resilience. With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s the ideal time to spread more love and kindness. This season use recreational and fun activities to give yourself and those around you kindness and healing by enjoying laughter, positive emotions doing fun activities in your extra free time.

Senior woman holding Cockatiel parrot in her hand during pet therapy session to promote healing.

Kindness and Healing Work Together

There are many examples of how kindness and healing go hand in hand. Stress can impair our immune system which in return slows down the healing process. By being kinder to those around us and ourselves, we reduce stress, paving the way for faster recovery. Acts of kindness stimulate the release of good neurotransmitters, like dopamine, which makes us feel happy. Let’s see the 3 ways of how kindness can promote overall health.

Improved mental health

Holding grudges and anger cause health issues such as depression, anxiety and sleeping disorders. By practicing forgiveness, sympathy, compassion and kindness, you can significantly improve your mood and mental health, which impacts healing process and overall health.

Improved immune system

Chronic stress and anger affects our immune system causing numerous diseases. While we are looking for the culprits and triggers for our allergies, we often forget about high stress levels and emotional instability that could cause them.

Speedy recovery and longevity

Kindness slows diseases and aging. By avoiding stress and negative feelings, you will be in better control of your mental and physical health. slow diseases. Consider it as part of your well-being and healing process.

In order to learn how to stay kind and emotionally stable also consider interacting more with pets.

Animal interaction

Did you hear about pet therapy? It is called therapy because animals have so much kindness to give. There are several programs that have shown how animal-assisted activities can be included to help with patient care in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and even prisons.

When we interact with pets, we’re distracted from our own pain, loneliness, and stress. We experience a state of calmness and a boost in self-confidence.

Consider dancing and movement

Moving to the sound of music can help offer physical, social, and psychological benefits. Even dancing in your kitchen can release a surge of endorphins.

Though, it doesn’t need to be restricted just to those spontaneous moments. Dance therapy offers a number of techniques to integrate the body and mind. 

Make it part of your self-care

Self-care is one of the trending themes in online conversations nowadays. Not only should you be gentle to those around you who are experiencing pain, but also yourself. It’s not just a way to show your emotional support.

Interact and listen

Sometimes just listening and letting someone talk helps them feel better. Just by lending an ear and practicing kindness and empathy, you can also help someone else on their healing journey, helping them to heal past wounds.



This article is for educational and informational purpose only and does not substitute for professional medical advice. For any questions about your own health condition, speak to a qualified physician or healthcare provider.