Seniors With Pets: Why They Keep The Doctor Away

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that seniors with pets are happier and healthier than those without. Studies show that elderly people derive huge pleasure, comfort, and solace from owning a pet.

Pets are not only a valuable companion they can also help you stay away from the doctor. That is why in some healthcare facilities pet therapy, or animal-assisted therapy, is offered as part of recreation activities. Let’s check out why this is the case.

They Increase Exercising

Seniors with pets are more likely to get out of their chair to look after them. Pets need regular feeding, grooming, exercising, monitoring or cleaning. They need you to plan how you are going to feed them, which may involve fetching, carrying, and weighing food. Pets also need lots of affection and loving care. They literally keep you on your toes at all times.

Senior men playing with golden retriever pet

Pets include rabbits, goldfish, hamsters and mice, and a few much more exotic creatures besides. But the most common ones are cats and dogs. While cats are generally more independent, everyone with a dog will know that they love to go for a walk.

Seniors with such pets have no option but to take their dog for a walk at least once a day. Even if the weather is inclement, dog owners will be out there walking their pet, come what may. This keeps elderly people fit, and their heart and lungs in good shape. Research shows that dog owners stay fitter for longer.

Help seniors with pets avoid loneliness

Apart from helping to keep elderly people mobile, seniors with pets feel less isolated and lonely. They can touch their pet, pat or stroke it, and play with it. Pets are responsive to such attention and this gives owners a good feeling. Many people, not just seniors, talk to their pets as if they were humans, and the animals learn to react.

Meet new people

Regular walks with your dog in the park also provide an opportunity to run into other dog walkers. Perhaps you might stop for a chat to discuss your pet and its idiosyncrasies. Seniors with pets have more opportunities for social interaction than sedentary people. Pets are also a great topic of conversation and source of amusement.

Seniors with pets feel loved and needed

Pets need loving care and attention, just like children. Giving that loving care also has mental health benefits for those doing the giving. When your pet feels happy, you are also more likely to feel good about life. Pets and humans often have a close relationship and a certain interdependence.

Fairview Adult Day Care Center in Brooklyn NY provides a range of therapies and recreational activities, including pet therapy to aid recovery and promote well-being. We understand the health advantages that seniors with pets enjoy and encourage clients to consider even owning a pet.

Elderly people who own pets look and live happier and longer than those without them. It is because they don’t feel alone, but also feel needed and loved, which is very important for everyone. Don’t hesitate to get one if you would like to lower your blood pressure or increase production of your happy hormones. You won’t be disappointed!