Holistic Ways To Strengthen Your Heart Muscles

Anyone who has heart trouble or who has had a minor heart attack may have weakened heart muscles. Recovery takes time and may require therapies to gradually strengthen your heart muscles without overstraining the heart.

The way this can be done is through a tailored program of physical therapy and exercises. In addition to this, certain holistic approaches and lifestyle choices can help you strengthen your heart. Naturally, these would need to work alongside medication and be part of overall cardiac care.

What follows is general guidance for anyone who has suffered a minor heart attack. Be aware that all individuals and their personal circumstances are different – there is no single recipe for successful recovery. Be sure to seek specific personal advice from your doctor.

Senior woman doing couple dance to strengthen the heart while others are holding each others hands.

Exercise Therapy to Strengthen Your Heart

A physical therapist can help you to gradually build back heart muscle. By regularly repeating a certain set of exercises, you get the heart and lungs to function better together. Low intensity aerobic exercises are especially beneficial for strengthening the heart. Other exercises may involve smooth body movements such as practiced in Tai Chi as well as breathing yoga exercises.

Breathing yoga exercises are a wonderful option and help improve cardiac health and relieve stress. Yoga involves such exercises as well as stretching and balancing routines. These are all part of a holistic approach designed to treat the whole body and strengthen your heart as well.

Stress management

People with serious health issues are often stressed, and quite understandably so. Taking part in enjoyable activities with other people is a great way to relieve stress and improve overall health. Physical activity in the company of others that leads to some banter and a few laughs is good for you.

There are many ways to relieve stress, from listening to soothing music, to playing boardgames or doing jigsaw puzzles. In short, anything that stops your mind going round and round in circles cataloguing your woes and regrets, can help. Most day care centers recognize the importance of recreation therapy to relieve stress. Some lay on special recreation programs which are often very popular.

Avoid overeating

Obesity is a leading contributory cause of heart disease so good cardiac care must address it. Having unnecessary additional weight puts a strain on the heart. Reducing your weight can go a long way to strengthening your heart and restoring and improving hearth health.

While exercise is important in reducing weight, so is diet. Avoid fatty foods, alcohol and smoking, and get advice from your doctor or a nutritionist on the best healthy food. Any program to strengthen you heart needs to consider your weight, diet and mental health in a holistic way.