Compassion: The Single Most Important Characteristic in a Therapist

Adult day care center Canarsie Brooklyn New York NYC senior elderly TBIThe therapists working at this amazing place, other than getting full points on their professionalism, also get full points for the compassion they display towards the seniors present. Compassion is a must-have in any therapist, irrespective of what school of thought they associate themselves with.

It would not be wrong to say that part of a therapist’s success with a client is party determined by how compassionate they are to their senior client’s sufferings. The more compassionate they are, they more determined they would be to bring an end to the suffering of the senior clients.

Some seniors may find it very difficult to cope up with the challenges which later life presents. Due to having developed certain medical conditions or old age in general, it can become no less than a hurdle to carry on with their lives the way they used to.

This state of mind generates feelings of helplessness, loneliness, depression and anxiety. And this is not something which goes away on its own – it needs to be dealt with; otherwise it becomes progressively worse.

Seniors who fall prey to such feelings require proper counseling along with opportunities to interact with a similar crowd. Both of which can be provided to them at a place like Fairview Adult Day Care in  Brooklyn!

Recreation and entertainment!

Adult day care center Brooklyn New York NYC senior elderly TBIFamous for its recreation-based therapy programs, this is an adult day care center which
understands that if a senior is physically or mentally (or both) suffering, their full recovery is not possible unless they are a part of something which they genuinely enjoy.

The recreation activities provided at Fairview are all about putting the clients out of their troubles. From daily entertainment options like professional singing, dancing performances, to skill development classes, table games, choir singing sessions and much more, the recreation activities here have been designed to contribute to the client’s wellbeing.

The idea of providing therapy via recreation is so much more effective than the traditional ways. The fact that a client can have fun while simultaneously overcoming their fears of inadequacy, loneliness etc. is what is making recreation therapy gain more and more ground.

Picnics, birthday parties, friendly competitions, yoga classes, group discussions, regular shopping trips are also organized by Fairview to further assist seniors with their socializing.

The 5-hour day care programs allow clients to maintain a social support system of their own. By providing classes where seniors can learn skills like knitting, bead art, language skills (ESL classes) computer skills, Fairview Adult Day Care in Brooklyn makes it possible for the seniors to get that sense of achievement which is so crucial for their happiness, irrespective of their age.