Non-pharmacologic Therapies for Pain Relief are Most Effective

Non-pharmacologic therapies have proved to be effective in managing pain along with pain medication. Based on the condition of the client, the right therapies are used to ease the pain away.

Whether for elderly or young clients, non-pharmacologic therapies come with an array of advantages. And we at Fairview ADC strive to provide them for pain relief.

There are certain advantages associated with each treatment and only a professional therapist will be able to recommend one. Where one therapy works for one client, it might not have the same effects on another client.

Since each person responds to the therapies in a different way, it’s important to have a professional therapist on board. But why is pain control important?

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Non-pharmacologic therapies at Fairview ADC

A number of therapies are included in the program to better serve our valued clients. To make sure the treatments are effective in restoring our clients’ health, our professional and experienced professionals work hard.

The whole team comes together to provide quality care and make it an integral part of our services.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has become a great part of pain relief therapies. Through electro simulation methods, our therapists strive to ease pain and decreases inflammation. Heat packs are effective in decreasing pain and muscle spasms, while cold packs are used to decrease swelling and pain.

The program for paralyzed clients are designed specifically to suit their individual needs. A range of exercises are used to include resistance exercises and isometric exercises, to name a few.

Relaxation Methods

Yoga and meditation for the elderly is another method for pain management. All elderly have the need to stay in shape and lead healthy lives. Yoga and meditation is the perfect option. And when it comes to pain management, these relaxation methods help to eliminate ache and pains.

Nursing Holistic Care

Holistic methods are an alternative to the usual care system. Conventional nursing care just focuses on the medical aspect of health care. Holistic nursing care on the other hand, deals with the emotional aspect too.

While our experienced staff work to heal the body, our nurses rely on holistic methods to aid the healing process. The client are educated about the different healing processes and how each caters to their specific rehabilitation needs.

Counseling and Social Groups Discussions

Therapists organize counselling sessions, which are a part of our services. This gives a client an opportunity to mingle with other registrant and voice their concerns. Social service workers carry out these sessions professionally and make sure everyone feels included.

With a way to vent out and discuss their problem, clients actively participate in these activities. By applying holistic methods and a combination of therapies, our therapist make pain relief a reality for our clients.

Living with pain is not easy and it will bring about negative changes in clients. Loss of appetite, difficulty in sleeping, changes in mood, lack of energy etc. All of this inadvertently affects relationships and the daily life of client.

That’s why it’s important to deal with pain in the right way; through non-pharmacologic therapies.