Your Body, Mind and Aging: Five Common Diseases in Seniors

How to Know Which Common Diseases in Seniors to Look for Nursing home Rehabilitation Physical therapy Therapy Outpatient Queens New York CityCommon diseases in seniors too often mar the many magical events to look forward to in your senior years. Baldness and wrinkles are not the only concerns that seniors have regarding their health. The reality is that there are many common diseases in seniors that could affect anything from their higher cognitive abilities to their most basic functioning. Understanding these common diseases in the elderly better can empower you to make better choices that will ultimately lead to healthy aging.


Dementia is one of the most common cognitive health problems that seniors are confronted by. It causes a loss of key cognitive functions like one’s ability to remember and think. Common diseases like substance abuse, depression and diabetes can increase the risk of developing dementia. There is no cure available for dementia currently. However, it can be managed with medication and a treatment plan that are prescribed by a qualified medical professional.


Malnutrition is one of the common diseases in seniors that are frequently not diagnosed immediately. As a matter of fact, other common diseases in seniors such as dementia, substance abuse and depression can lead to malnutrition. Though, by simply making a few minor changes to the diet, for example eating more vegetables and fruit, malnutrition issues can be combatted successfully.

Constipation and incontinence

Unlike some of the other common diseases in seniors, issues with bladder control might not come as a surprise. Although it is so common, people tend to forget that this common disease affects the quality of life. Senior citizens should not feel embarrassed to chat about bladder control issues and constipation. Making a few adjustments to their diets can help with this health issue.


Getting diagnosed with HIV only later in life is quite common. It might come as a bit of a surprise, but seniors are in fact more vulnerable to contract HIV. Although their sexual needs are different, their sexual desire has not totally waned. Now as the elderly are not as likely to use condoms and they are battling with a weakened immune system already, they are in fact quite susceptible to HIV.

Substance abuse

Just like with HIV, substance abuse is more common among the elderly than most people would expect and like to believe. As countless people would not think that substance abuse could be a problem that seniors could be grappling with, it can many times be missed altogether. The sad reality is that often seniors do not have the means to pay for their own medication. So, they start to take someone else’s medication.

Unfortunately the body and mind change with age. These changes often result in common diseases. That being said, poor health does not have to be just one of the inescapable reactions of growing old. With the right knowledge and support, common diseases in seniors can be managed effectively. Contact us for further information.