August 2018

Директор Нашего Центра Рена Рафаилова

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Директор Нашего Центра Рена Рафаилова Добро пожаловать в Центр дневного ухода за людьми преклонного возраста Fairview в Бруклине. Я хотела бы немного рассказать о нашем Центре и предлагаемых здесь услугах по [...]

July 2018

Fairview Physical Therapist: Choosing the Right Words is Very Important

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Fairview Physical Therapist: "Choosing the Right Words is Very Important" Anatoliy Starosta Physical Therapist Graduated from the College of Staten Island Specializes in maintenance therapies, physical therapy for [...]

May 2018

November 2017

Compassion: The Single Most Important Characteristic in a Therapist

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The Therapists at the Fairview Adult Day Care: The therapists working at this amazing place, other than getting full points on their professionalism, also get full points for the compassion they display towards the seniors [...]

September 2017